A small settlement of the Trikala Gate

It is a semi-mountainous town at an altitude of 216 meters. It is located 18 kilometers west of Trikala, just below the two mountains of Itamos and Koziakas, which mark the beginning of the mountainous area of ​​Pindos.

The data we obtained from Wikipedia. Here we see that it is referred to as both feminine and neutral. The Gate, therefore, marks the entrance to a large gorge and the natural path leading to the city of Arta. River Portaikos, a tributary of the Pinios River, passes through this position.

We want to show you this wonderful natural beauty and on this occasion we give you information about the area … The municipality of Pylis includes 7 municipalities, but the city itself has a population of about 2,000 inhabitants. Most residents are either self-employed in small businesses or working in Trikala.

Agriculture and livestock farming were largely abandoned, although the surrounding area is ideal for both mountain and mountainous terrain. The Gate has always been the most important shopping center for the surrounding settlements and is full of interesting monuments and beautiful landscapes.

The settlement of the Gate has been mentioned since antiquity. It is mentioned initially in the work of Pausanias, a description of Greece (Greece), a travel and cultural guide of ancient Greece, referred to as “Great Gates”, because the site is a natural passage between Epirus and Thessaly.

It is also recorded that Alexander the Great passed through Epirus and came to Thessaly through the Gate to secure the support of Thessaly in his plans (which was successful, the cavalry of Thessaly became notorious in the campaign of Alexander). He also later visited King Philip II of Macedonia.

During the Greco-Roman period, the site was considered to be of strategic importance, and the Athenian castle was used as a guardhouse, allowing for the observation of the plains at a distance of 30 or 40 km (the famous Meteora are visible on a clear day from these outposts).

In modern times, the Gate was the local commercial and educational center for the surrounding villages and settlements, especially those located in the mountainous area west of the Gate. Since Thessaly merged into the Kingdom of Greece in 1888, But we said, we ask you to admire the beautiful creation of this era …

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