Aegina hotel for best Vacation in island of Aegina

The hotel “Aegina” is located in one of the most historic areas of the island, as a short distance from it dominates the temple of Apollo, known today as “Kolona”. The church is located on the homonymous hill that ends at the beach of “Aura”. This is an area about 200 meters from the main port of Aegina with a special – characteristic physiognomy. In August, one of the most important music festivals of our country, the Aegina International Music Festival, takes place on the beach of Avra, while at the same place is the Archaeological Museum of Aegina, the first archeological museum of our country.

The port of Aegina retains the elegance of the first capital of the Greek State, while around the hotel and within a small radius are important buildings such as the “Markello Tower” used by the first Government, while within walking distance is the historic “Government” This is also a building, as well as the famous Metropolitan Church of Aegina, whose convent served as the first parliament. Right next door is Einardio, which also belongs to the so-called Kapodistrian buildings and housed the first Archaeological Museum of Greece.

Within walking distance are also dozens of cafes on the beach of Aegina, many shopping shops and the main market of the island. At the port you can enjoy ouzo under the old town hall of Aegina or shop from the boats that sell fruit – a really different experience. Every year on the beach of Aegina at the end of September the Pistachio Festival takes place which gathers thousands of visitors. During your stay at our hotel, do not forget to visit the Folklore Museum of Aegina. In addition to the exhibits on the first floor, which record and present the folklore tradition of Aegina, in the courtyard and on the ground floor there are dozens of interesting cultural events and art exhibitions. {}

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