Beautiful escapes in the Peloponnese

The beloved Peloponnese is full of special destinations for every taste and it is no coincidence that in previous years it reached 100% fullness in various areas. This summer, he promises to offer us once again, what he knows well: relaxation. The following destinations are suitable for this.

Limeni, for the ultimate turquoise

About 5 km from Areopolis, in the wild and stone Laconic Mani, Limeni is a necessary stop that you must make if you are in the surroundings. It is a beautiful port with intense turquoise waters that although it has no beach, in summer it is full of people who spread their towels on the rocks to enjoy a cool dip in the waters. It is essentially the port of Areopolis with increasing tourist development in recent years, where you will see the Palace of Petrobei with its four-storey Tower, giving the place the glamor of old times.

Kardamili, for a fairytale atmosphere

At the eastern end of the Messinian gulf, this beautiful seaside village will impress you with its theatrical setting characterized by many contrasts: on the one hand its crystal clear blue waters, its cypress trees, its olive groves and its green slopes and on the other the distant mountains compose its special atmosphere. The architecture of the buildings in Kardamili, comes mainly from the end of the 19th century, but the designs remain faithful to the traditional forms. There you will see old houses and tower houses, picturesque alleys and beautiful corners, while in the village and the surrounding area you will find amazing beaches with crystal clear waters, such as Ritsa, north of the settlement, with the thick, white pebbles, Kalamitsi, with the high cypress trees, the deep blue Dolphins, the beach of Kalogria near Stoupa etc.

Pylos, for a cosmopolitan escape

Pylos has entered the tourist map of the country for good in recent years and after the operation of the luxurious Costa Navarino it receives many tourists from abroad. Its characteristic is that it gives an island feeling to the visitor with an air of mansion, while the castles and the scattered monuments in its area give a unique atmosphere. There awaits you the well-preserved Niokastro, which was built during the Turkish occupation so that the Turks could control the west coast of the Peloponnese, as well as the Palace of Nestor in the north, with a view and many finds. And after getting to know the place, put on a swimsuit and head to the wonderful beaches of Messinia, such as the famous Voidokilia in the north of Pylos, which is gaining worldwide impressions.

Monemvasia, for romantic situations

The diamond of the prefecture of Laconia, Monemvasia, can not but be a stop for someone who wants to wander around the Peloponnese and discover every bit of it. As a castle town, its atmosphere is extremely romantic, with cobbled streets, steps, picturesque taverns and the sea in the background. In Ano Poli, which is currently uninhabited, you will see the houses of the lords and families of the rulers, and if you go up to the Church of Hagia Sophia, one of the most beautiful churches in our country, you will reach the highest point with the best view . Do not miss a stop at the church of the Transfiguration Christ in the central square which is a church-symbol, but also at the house of the important Greek poet, Giannis Ritsos, next to the entrance of the castle. For swimming, you can go to Portelo, if you do not want to leave, while other options within walking distance are Kakavos beach on the left of the bridge with the castle of Monemvasia and the small beach of Kourkoula, closed on three sides, reminiscent of a natural pool. .

Paralio Astros, for holidays like old

Built on the slopes of the hill, Astros beach is a beautiful, summer and tourist place, which on weekends is full of people looking for relaxation in a familiar place. Stroll to its beach, admire the medieval castle at the top of the hill and enjoy the sea that stretches in front of you. You can swim on the sandy beach of the settlement or head to Atsiganos, Bervena beach and Agios Andreas beach. There are fish taverns, restaurants and cafes by the sea, as the place is touristy, while in summer there is an open-air theater with many cultural and artistic events.

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