Fava, the unknown but beautiful beach of Halkidiki

Normally they should eat fine articles like this, revealing unknown beaches. Because the unknown beaches are beautiful, precisely because they are unknown. Fortunately, however, Greece has a long coastline, so we will not have too much regret, if we contribute a little to the disclosure of Fava.

There will always be unknown beaches to discover – just like Fava Beach.

So Fava, apart from being a nice summer appetizer, is also a beach in Halkidiki.

And it has all the ingredients that make it unique. Clear blue waters, and fine sand and pebbles, and beautiful rocks to make the landscape wild, and ideal for children. As long as you have got the essentials, since it is disorganized (for now).

It is two kilometers away from Karydi beach, which is also very beautiful. You can therefore see both on the same day.

What else to ask for? Two in one in just a few hours.

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