Fourni Ikaria The cheapest island in Greece has beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters

The cheapest island in the Aegean is located between Ikaria and Samos, it is small but provides you with everything you need for a relaxing, calm, economical and at the same time Ikarian summer. But what is this cheap island?

Known as the island of corsairs, but also as a place where time stops, Fourni Korseon is a special destination, ideal for those looking for peace and relaxation on their vacation.

This island between Ikaria and Samos offers you the lowest budget holidays for the summer. And when we say low budget we mean both accommodation and food of course.

To reach this earthly paradise you must take the ferry from the port of Piraeus (approximately 10-12 hours journey). Otherwise you will have to travel by air to Samos or Ikaria and from there look for the ship that connects Fourni with the two islands.

Upon arrival at the port of the island you can see the combination of white-blue with the green of the trees.

This island gives you the opportunity to spend the night in both economical and beautiful hotels and rooms for rent, as well as enjoy the experience of camping, if you are that type.

If you are in the port and you want to save the many trips, then all you have to do is walk just a few minutes and find yourself in Psili Ammos, a beach that will make you love it.

In case your only movement is walking, an equally good beach is Kambi, which also has, like Psili Ammos, a beach bar to enjoy your coffee.

Also, by car or boat you can go to Agios Ioannis, while by boat you will also visit the beach of Petrokopi. Do not forget to visit the countless coves with the crystal clear waters by boat, as the result is impressive. In the taverns of Chora and Chrysomilia you can enjoy plenty of fresh fish at very good prices, which will not take you out of budget.

At the same time you can find cheap accommodation with prices in double rooms starting from about 35 euros per night. On the day of August 15, you can eat delicious fish at the feast of the Virgin Mary in the port for just 10 euros and 5 euros, you can enjoy delicious appetizers.

Fourni Korseon is located very close to Thymaina, also a small island that will fascinate you, while in less than an hour you can reach Ikaria. The local ferry itineraries give you the opportunity to discover the beautiful island of Samos. The island it lives and dances in Ikarian rhythms and if you choose to visit Fourni on the 15th of August, then their festival will take you to the Ikarian dance! {}

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