Grand Resort Lagonissi Most Expensive And Must Visit Resort In The World

Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens, Greece.
Grand Resort Lagonissi is a waterfront peninsula in the seaside town of Lagonissi. Some of the most awe-inspiring pieces of the architectural heritage of Greece are accessible from this resort. All of the innumerable princely accommodations are all on the waterfront and have direct access either to the sandy beaches or to the sea. The modern Thala-Chenot Spa provides a revitalization of your body and mind in a serene background. Those looking for complete privacy may go to the secluded (and private) sandy coves.Adding to the grandeur of this resort are ten award-winning restaurants that serve International as well as Greek cuisine. The American Academy of Hospitality Science has bestowed the Five Star Diamond Award upon most of these restaurants.

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