Greece has the 2nd best cuisine in the world!

Greek cuisine is based on seasonality, simplicity, duration, locality and healthy character. The superiority of the unique Greek products, which are cultivated in the ideal Mediterranean climate, has strengthened the respect for the flavors of the traditional Greek cuisine and cooking, which remain largely seasonal.

These features brought it to the second among the 50 best kitchens in the world in the list of World Taste Atlas, with Italy again at the top of the ranking

In particular, Greek cuisine emerged, for the second consecutive year, at no2 in the world, with Spanish following in third place, while the top five is completed by Romania and France.

In the ranking published by the online food travel guide, the country received an average score of 4.75 out of 5, with Italy leading with a score of 4.78 out of five.

According to TasteAtlas, the rating of each country is calculated based on the average rating of the users of the online guide for the 30 best dishes, drinks and products in that country. “Countries not included in the list do not have enough items rated,” notes TasteAtlas.

On the website, the dishes with the best rating in Greece are the green pie, the antikristo and the ribs. Respectively, the most popular Greek products are the fava of Santorini, the oranges from Maleme of Chania and the pine honey of Crete.

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