Greece named as one of Top 5 “Most Excellent” countries in the world

Greece has been named among the “Most Excellent” global tourism destinations in the world by global booking site TripAdvisor.

In their list of “Most Excellent” countries, Iceland came in first place, Ireland in second, the UK in third, Greece in fourth, and Morocco in the fifth position.

In its eighth year, the Certificate of Excellence is given to accommodations, restaurants and experiences that deliver great service and consistently achieve high traveller reviews on travel planning and booking site TripAdvisor, Greece ranked in the top 10 in all categories.

“When travelers see a Certificate of Excellence sticker or certificate on display, they immediately know that the business has a track record of offering highly rated guest or dinner experiences. Now, with our ‘Most Excellent’ lists, we’re excited to reveal the destinations where travelers are most likely to encounter these excellent businesses,” said Neela Pal, Vice President of Brand Marketing at TripAdvisor.

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