Greece the top Spring 2018 travel destinations for visitors and locals

Athens, Santorini and the Greek islands are the most popular destinations for foreign tourists who will visit Greece in Spring.

Five of the top ten preferred destinations of foreign tourists in Greece are located on the iconic island of Santorini, according to a survey concucted by Trivago and based on number of searches during the first week of March in relation to trips within the March-May period.

According to this data, Athens (average preferred price of 109 euros / average stay duration of 4.1 days), Fira on Santorini (average preferred price of 158 euros / average stay duration of 5 days) and Oia on Santorini (average preferred price of 321 euros / average stay duration of 5 days) are the most popular destinations this season for incoming tourism.

Island destinations are the first choice of foreigners for Spring travel in Greece

Next comes Mykonos (average preferred price 160 euro / average stay 5.1 days), Imerovigli (average preferred price 268 euro / average stay 5.2 days) and Rhodes main town (average preferred price 80 euro / average staying 7 days).

In Thessaloniki, foreign tourists will stay on average for 4.2 nights at 97 euros while in Chania the average stay is 6.4 days, in Firostefani 5.1 days and Kamari 6.1 days with the average preferred prices at 77, 175 and 99 euros respectively.

Greece remains a favorite destination to visitors particularly from the UK and Germany, followed by holidaymakers from Italy and France.

Regarding the average price foreigners are willing to pay in Greece, Americans choose the highest average night price that reaches 143 euros per night (average stay 4.1 days), followed by the French at an average price of 138 euros per night (average stay 5,6 days).

Brits rank third electing an average night price of 131 euros per night, as well as the longest staying period (7.5 days).

Regarding the types of travelers who elect Greece for their Spring holidays (domestic as well as inbound), trivago notes that most of them are recreational travelers who will spend an average of 126 euros per night for 8.9 days.

Greeks prefer established destinations for their Spring holidays 

Greeks will continue to travel in Spring, visit popular local destinations and spend an average of 86 euros per night. That’s approximately how much I spent per night when I booked my trip to Italy. Their holidays will last for an average of 2.6 days. Their preferred preferences are Athens (average preference 91 euros / average stay 2.5 days), Thessaloniki (average preferred price 81 euro / average stay 2, 5 days) and Nafplion (average preferred rate of 83 euros / average stay 2 days).

Corfu is very popular during Easter (average preferred price 130 euros / average stay 3,5 days) along with Ioannina in Epirus Region (average preferred price 69 euros / average stay 1 , 9 days).

Among the top ten preferred destinations are Chania (average preferred price 90 euros / average stay 2,4 days), Loutraki (average preferred price 70 euros / average stay 3.1 days) and Rhodes Main City (average preferred price 57 euro / average stay 3.5 days).

Greek travelers also seem to be drawn by Kalavrita (average preferred price 76 euros / average stay 2,2 days) and Volos (average preferred price 73 euros / average stay 2,2 days).

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