Ithaca 2022: Guide to attractions, beaches, food, entertainment

Always keep Ithaca in mind”Cavafy had said, and how do you get it out? Ithaca, the famous island of Odysseus and Penelope, the island symbol of nostalgia for the homeland, is a real jewel of the Ionian Sea, a special destination with hidden beauties. The loss of Odysseus, his turbulent journey to his homeland and the stories of Homer in his epics – leaving us a heavy legacy – make the island mythical. Impressive pebbly beaches with crystal clear waters, unique natural landscapes with dense vegetation, traditional settlements, steep bare landscapes, museums, archaeological sites, fishing villages, mysterious caves, diving spots, sophisticated hotels and villas with swimming pools make the stay on the island… magical. . Extra bonus,

Where to swim

Right or Right in the bay of Molos for the first unforgettable dives. In the cosmopolitan Filiatro you will enjoy the amazing turquoise waters and you will definitely make new acquaintances. On the pebbly beach with a view of Kefalonia, Ai-Yiannis , or at Kaminia with its emerald crystal waters – ideal for those who want to spend a quiet and relaxing day by the sea. At Brosta Aetos and Kourvoulias you leave your car above, go down the steps and enjoy the calm sea with the green, cool waters. Families prefer Loutsa or Mnimata, with the shallow waters. If there is no wind, prefer to put your straw hat on Platis Gialos . The famous Gidaki with its unimaginable waters can be reached either by boat or by a 40-minute walk. By car you reach the bay of Afala with its dense vegetation and rocky shores to choose one of the wild beaches. In the city and its green waters that are always calm. There is still Aguli with its white pebbles and the most touristic Frickes . In Vathi you will find excellent shades, a beach organized in its largest section. Next to it is the famous Sarakiniko with emerald waters and natural beauty. A walk inKioni , the picturesque fishing village, about 20 km. from Vathi will be unforgettable. The ornate and famous stone staircase with the blue railing leads to a branch that allows you to either dive into the crystal clear waters or take a few steps until you reach the small beach with golden sand. Leaving Kioni you will meet Kritami beach with beautiful pebbles and blue waters. Other beaches that are worth visiting: Aspros Gialos with crystal clear sand, where you can see the unique sunset there, blind as it is in Santorini. In the bay of Schinos, Marmakas with the towering eucalyptus trees that offer plenty of shade and a view of the islet of Agios Nikolaosand the creeks in Kourvoulia with their gurgling waters. Most accessible by sea. If you are lucky enough to have your own boat or use the local boats, you can anchor at Platis Ammos beach with its exotic beauty and clear blue waters, at Cape Kotsifi , an ideal place for diving, at Kouloumi , Kathisma , Sykia , Voukenti , Tria Moudia , Vathi Ammoudi or Andri Bay, which reminds you of the magical fjords of Norway.

What to see

Visit the Palace of Odysseus . Evidence and findings testify that the palaces of Odysseus were located in the archaeological site. And from museum spaces, a visit to the collection of the Maritime – Folklore Museum of Ithaca which includes more than 1,500 exhibits, including old photographs, paintings of ships of Ithaca ship owners, naval instruments and uniforms, documents and books of the Stathatos Commercial School and the Archaeological Collection of Stavros which house finds from the wider area of ​​the village will take you on a journey to the glorious past. Of course, go to Kioni , the idyllic settlement of the Ionian Sea. There you will also find an old stone house at the edge of the village beach where, according to tradition, it is thehouse of Karaiskakis . Also, the stone-built medieval village of Anogi , the Katharon Monastery , just 15 km. from Vathi, which has stood on the island since 1696 and the cave of Louizos outside Stavros. The Drakouli mansion is the most imposing building on the island. The neoclassical mansion, in the heart of the port, is now a trademark in Vathi where it can star in your Instagram stories.

Where to stay

Oinou Gi Ithaki – Winelandithaca ( 6977545440 ) belongs to the relatively new entry of the area, it gets 10/10 in the booking, it is 1.1 km. from Kaminia Beach and offers a garden, terrace and accommodation with a beautiful view from the balcony. In the neat Odyssey Apartments ( 2674033400 ) of Mrs. Nitsa in Vathi with a view of the bay, excellent aesthetics and warm hospitality. At the artistic Perantzada 1811 Art Hotel ( 2674023914 ), an ethnically decorated Chiller building that gets the best reviews every year. Also in Vathi, at the Mentor Hotel ( 2674032433), the historic hotel of the island with access to the city center, at the Familia hotel ( 2674033366 ) which is housed in a traditional stone olive press (pay attention to the reception-mill) and stands out for its famous, very rich breakfast. At Dendrinos Villas ( 2674032839 ) just outside Vathi and the Korina Gallery Hotel ( 2674033393 ) with luxurious rooms overlooking the port of Vathios decorated with paintings by well-known European artists. Byron House ( 6985882060) is located in Kioni and offers an unforgettable experience and barbecue facilities for those who cannot part with quality food even in summer. In Stavros it is worth staying at Gardenia suites (6948546054 ) with minimal all-white decoration and terrible kingsize beds. For any questions and financial solutions, contact the Association of Rooms for Rent ( 2674031079 ) who will contact you.

Where to eat and have fun

Sweet breakfast lovers, unite. Start your day at Apagio coffee bar ( 2674033721 ) for awesome waffles and quality coffee. At Piccolo you can taste a special full breakfast experience, with smoothies, pancakes and everything your stomach can imagine… If you are in a hurry to go to the beach again, take a walk from Spathi ‘s bakery ( 2674033344 ). In addition to your coffee, here you can choose between a wide variety of freshly baked pastries and bagels, including For a sweet dessert, go to the classic Dodoni (2674031445), overlooking the bay. In Vathi, in front of the sea, you can find Bandis (2674033010) for fresh, delicious fish with cool ouzo and theShell ( 2674033565 ) for cooked and local dishes. At Gefyri ( 2674031131 ) in Platreithias with mixed flavors (try pappardelle with spinach). An excellent choice is also Ageri ( 2674031465 ) in Frikes for fresh seafood at reasonable prices. In Kioni, Calypso ( 2674031066 ) with a nice view and atmosphere is open all day and makes a nice pie with cod. Also, in Kioni, Lizzy’s restaurant ( 2674031523 ) for well-prepared dishes of modern Greek cuisine with a traditional character and an Ithaki vibe and Mills ( 2674031789), with new flavors, large portions and with its own wood-fired oven. For well-cooked food, Greek flavors and local roasted goat, try Trechantiri ( 2674033444 ). How about shorts with a view? In Perachori, the kontosouvli of Kaliora and its wine are extremely famous ( 2674033654 ). Local meat pie, local cod pie with cod, rice and onion pie, in whatever shop you find it, definitely take it with you on the way back.

Nightlife on fire. In Ithaca, the choices for entertainment are quality, they have great music and loyal patrons. The Fiorendino ( 2674031037) of Greek-Australians Peter & Dini Fatouros, in Frikes, non stop service with everything from breakfast and snacks to cocktails. Lala ‘s Katoi ( 2674032655 ) in Vathi, one of the oldest bars on the island. In Vathi, a good choice for a drink is the Yachting Cafe Karamela ( 2674033580 ). At Para thin’alos ( 6974828729 ) at the port and Kirki bar restaurant ( 6982122154 ) you will drink the most famous cocktails. Soulatso ( 2674032183 ) and Mylos la creperie (also a party) are among the most popular options for a proper night out, the old the orthodox. {}

Municipality: 2674033481
Police: 2674032205
Port Authority: 2674032909
First Aid: 267403222

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