Naxos: Hotel will keep a room window closed for a hawk to lay its eggs

The owners of a hotel in Kastraki, Naxos, showed their environmental sensitivity, deciding not to disturb a hawk that is spinning its eggs.

With the tourist season already over, the hoteliers decided to keep a window tightly closed, for as long as needed, until the eggs hatched and the chicks flew with their mom. The news was announced by the environmental organization Naxos Wildlife Protection, which contacted the hotel, and closely inspected the nest with the four eggs.

“At a time when bulldozers are working non-stop, the natural environment of the island is being manipulated in various ways and everyone is trying to understand more and more of it, a different incident pleasantly surprised us,” the non-profit wrote on its official Facebook page.

“… we were informed about a hawk that had given birth in a hotel in Kastraki, Naxos. We went to the hotel and actually saw a Rock Hawk (Falco tinnunculus) which was spawning 4 eggs in a closed room window. After the discussion with the owners, they gladly agreed to keep the specific window closed and to help in any way and as needed until the chicks are gone.

“These are role models and we warmly thank the owners of BlueFox Apartments for their cooperation and sensitivity.”

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