Private Jet Service From Ibiza To Mykonos Launches Today

When you travel to Europe, it’s hard to pass up a trip to one of the big party islands if you like a boogie.

Everyone knows that it costs an arm and a leg to enjoy yourself properly if you hit up places like Ibiza or Mykonos, but if you have a bit of spare coin then you can ball out like celebrities do.

If you’re one of those people then you’ll be pleased to know that you can now get a semi-private jet shuttle from Ibiza to Mykonos and vice versa

Credit: Aero/Instagram
Credit: Aero/Instagram

If you are a normal human, you’d have to fork out around $300-400 to fly between the two hotspots, which doesn’t sound too expensive, but they usually involve a stop and a long layover.

Well, this private shuttle allows you and your 15 mates to fly directly from the Spanish island to the Greek island for around $1,400…each. I know what you’re thinking: bloody bargain that, right?

Oh yeah, and that’s one way. Yeah, it’s certainly not cheap.

But if you were planning a particularly large blow out of a holiday then this seems right up your alley.

Credit: Aero/Instagram
Credit: Aero/Instagram

The Aero service launches today and will go until August 20. Hundreds of people are likely to soak up the service to ensure they get the A-list experience going from Ibiza to Mykonos.

It’s a semi-private service, which essentially means that it’s a jet that can seat 16 people, however if you’re just a duo or group of five, then expect others to join you on your flight.

Photos uploaded to Aero’s Instagram page show that the plane you’ll be flying in, which is a CRJ-200 jet, is decked out.

Credit: Aero/Instagram
Credit: Aero/Instagram

You’ll feel exactly like a mega star on the plane ride, which admittedly would last only around three hours.

So if you’ve got cash to splash and you’re planning on doing a massive lads trip or gals weekend jaunt to some of Europe’s biggest party destinations, then travel in style.

You’ll be eating bread for the next few months for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but who cares when you’ve got the private jet photos to make you happy.

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