The Saints Stores the Best Organic vegan restaurant…

… in Thessaloniki. Organic vegan restaurant with an emphasis on ecology and zero-waste living. Serves breakfast (8am-1pm) with vegan pastry, then lunch and dinner from 1pm. Serves a hot and cold buffet inspired by world cuisine. Also has cold-pressed juices, smoothies and desserts. Fill your plate with items you’d like then pay by weight. All packaging and utensils are compostable; juices and smoothies are served in glass bottles. Bring your own for a discount. Est. Oct 2017. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-12:00am.

What makes The Saints Stores unique?
The first conclusion that comes with the crossing of the entrance of “The Saints Stores” is that love prevails here. Love for fellow humans, animals, good food and the environment. Love between people’s relationships. An area that supports the healthy lifestyle from the very beginning! Both decoration and utensils are hidden behind the eco-friendly character of The Saints Stores, all served in biodegradable bowls sent for composting along with all organic waste! The “Zero Waste” philosophy that The Saints Stores follows, encourages the reshaping of the resource life cycle so that all products are re-used. The goal is that no garbage is sent to landfills and incinerators. in essence, the procedures followed are similar to how resources are re-used in nature.

The angelic menu at The Saints Stores
At The Saints Stores, we can all have a vegan experience, regardless of the eating habits we have in our everyday life. You do not have to be a vegetarian to try out its flavors. All the choices it offers are distinguished for both plant raw materials from local producers and for the love and passion the group uses during preparation. At The Saints Stores they prepare a daily buffet from which you can try what you want. You fill your plate yourself and depending on its weight, the final price is formed giving you the flexibility to eat as much as you like while having the option of choosing even all the dishes offered in the quantity you want.

The day at The Saints Stores starts early (near us from 08:00), with a rich breakfast served until 13:00. Vegan bougainta with cream and chocolate, tinkle pies, pumpkin pies, bougainvillea and tassini sushamini are just a few of what you can try in the morning. Do not forget to taste the delicious mushroom pies as well as the vegan bread, as well as apple pie with blueberries, gluten-free banana bread and our favorite crepes with delicious chocolate praline! All of this, along with freshly squeezed natural juices, can be enjoyed either in the lounge of The Saints Stores or by hand.

At lunchtime, at The Saints Stores, 8 hot and 6 cold dishes are served. As well as salads (reiwise salads, Mexican salad and pasta salads), as well as delicious ointments (lentilus mousse, basil hummus, peanut butter feta cheese). The menu is different every day except the delicious moussaka and rice with vegetables which are the favorite of the visitors and that is why they are served daily. We tried everything, and we were particularly excited, with cannelloni with soy minced meat, yellow curry Thai, barley vegetable salad, and the mushroom burger left us with the best impression!

At The Saints Stores we eat for good purpose
Many are the elements that make the “Saints Stores” even more special. One of these is that 5% of our markets are available for supply to people, animals and the environment. It is something that we will soon be able to see on a central screen next to the cash register, since in each transaction the amount that will go for the bids will be added in real time. The money will be spent on actions that will be published and there will be an open call for voluntary help! And of course, ideas do not stop here. Soon the “The Saints Stores” will operate a market with organic products, while the upper floor will be tailored to accommodate yoga, well-being, good life seminars as well as meditation sessions, massage, reiki and energy therapies! It’s not perfect;

Nassos Roufos

It is worth mentioning that “The Saints Stores” is the first place in Greece where it participates in the Water Refill Station program where it allows us to get free filtered water for our bottle.

No matter how romantic and utopian are heard, they found their perfect expression in the brand-new The Saints Stores, the vision of the inspiring Nassos Roufos, which opened in mid-October a step from the White Tower, the lively Pavlos Melas! With its motto “The Pure Way of Life”, The Saints Stores, which immediately stood out for its vegan orientation and eco-friendly character, is the first piece of a puzzle that aspires to complement it to promote a more general healthy way of living! A core around which will be unfolding other actions that concern not only the diet but also the “health” of our energy … the saints stores

So, starting this food trip, we take a stop at the brand-new The Saints Stores restaurant, which stands out in the handmade design of Yiannis and Dimitris Mitroulakis, wood-carved tree trunks that point to a terrestrial Eden. self service buffet, where every day you will pose around 20 excellent vegan choices, cold and hot dishes, whose recipes are signed by Nikos Gaitan with great specialization in vegan diet.the saints stores

A menu that abolishes the stereotype that healthy food can not surprise tastes … Here, therefore, we have the opportunity, regardless of our eating habits, to enjoy early on a tonic energy boost breakfast. A variety of delicious gourmet homemade flavors, made with quality raw materials from local producers, came to fill the gap of a healthy lunch break in the city … the saints stores Every day 13: 00-00: 00 (08: 00-13: 00 in the morning) . the saints stores

Coming soon

The next plans are a market for organic products and a farm! However, in the course of time, the top 200 sq. Meters space will be shaped to accommodate events and events such as Yoga, meditation, energy treatments and talk about a healthy lifestyle!

CONTACT +302310256069
FIND Pavlou Mela 1, Thessaloniki, Greece, 546 21

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