The “unknown” exotic island of Halkidiki with warm waters that you swear belongs to the Caribbean

As is well known, especially among Northern Helladians, “there is nothing like Halkidiki”. When you meet Diaporo, you will stop having the slightest objections to whether this phrase has any basis.

If this year you have set your sights on “scanning” Halkidiki or the beaches of Northern Greece in general, keep in mind to meet this exotic island, which few people even know by name and even fewer have visited.

Diaporos is a tiny island of Halkidiki that is famous for its clear, turquoise waters and the incredible images it presents to vacationers, every season of the year. A favorite fact that only those who have a problem with icy seas will appreciate is that its waters are always warm and the island is almost never hit by meltwaters, which makes it ideal for swimming and diving and for families with small children.

The island is surrounded by a reef, which has an intense underwater life and for this very reason you must definitely have a mask and snorkel with you to do your own exploration.

It is enough to swim in the exotic waters of the island once, to compare it with the incomparable beauty of the Caribbean beaches, as the whole setting does not resemble a beach, but an endless natural 800 meter pool. Tall, dense pine trees cover the entire island and sometimes reach so close to the beach that from a distance they seem to end up in the sea and give it its special color.

How to find yourself in the “Caribbean” of Northern Greece

Diaporos is small – a small town to be precise – and although uninhabited, it has a few cottages that you can rent for one or more nights. Access is from Vourvourou (a village on the second leg of Halkidiki which is 10 kilometers from Sithonia), by boat. There is no access by car, which is why the island has not yet lost its magic.

Renting the boat has a very low cost and in this way you will receive all the information you need for your excursion. The boat will have a built-in fridge to keep your water and snacks cold, while the rental is usually done by the day.

So if you find yourself in Halkidiki this summer, don’t miss the opportunity to swim in this small island that looks like it’s taken from the most exotic postcard. Even in the heart of summer, you will not encounter crowds and you will have the opportunity to dive into warm, fairy-tale waters almost alone. {}

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