Tom Hanks: “Greece is a paradise”

The well-known actor Tom Hanks has not hidden his great love for Greece, who at every opportunity speaks about our country with the most beautiful words.

Hollywood star Tom Hanks made a statement about Greece when he was honored at the 77th Golden Globe Ceremony with the Cecil B. DeMille Award for his contribution to the Seventh Art.

The 63-year-old actor was moved by talking about his wife Rita Wilson and his 5 children at the award ceremony.

What is particularly interesting was what he said in the interview that followed after the awards where the actor spoke about Greece and its recent naturalization.

When the Greek journalist was introduced to him, Tom Hanks responded humorously and asked for “explanations”:

“A! I have questions about my honorary naturalization as a Greek: do I have to serve in the army first? I’m not good at it, my knees hurt and I’m old. Do I have to pay taxes? I’m joking, it ‘s a great honor, “said the actor, who is known to vacation in Antiparos every summer.

When finally asked how much Greece has influenced him, Hanks replied:

“Greece is a paradise. My family has been going to Greece for years. I have been all over the world, to the most beautiful places in the world, but no one surpasses Greece. The earth, the sky, the water. It is good for your soul. It is a place that heals you. Especially if you put yourself in this fantastic, really fantastic, program to sleep until noon, to stay up until 3 in the morning, talking in a tavern. It’s the best life one can have. “

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