Travelling to Greece – Main Tourist Attractions

Travelling, just like any other hobby requires proper planning and finances. Mainly it doesn’t mean that you plan one day and leave the second day. However, there are possible ways to enjoy more in less money or vice versa. What matters the most is places you want to see in a given time in hand.

Having said so, when we want to travel to Greece, there should be certain features that shouldn’t be missed at all. Reason being, those are considered tourist points.

Let’s check out where exactly you can go in order to enjoy as much as possible.

Once in Greece, you hardly get bored. If you are a loner and want to experiment everyone on your own, this country gives you enough places to go and enjoy alone. However, it is suggested to hire tourist guide in such cases so that you do go missing.

On the contrary, Greece serves as a place where groups can enjoy themselves too.


Skiing on the mountainous peeks with the sun in the mornings are bountiful treats. Same is the place where you can have fish and seafood in a tavern like a restaurant. Parnassos is considered as the best spot for skiing though which is one hundred and twenty minutes or two hours’ drive if you leave from Athens. On the way, you will get to see archeological sites of Delphi.


Greek islands are best known for surfing in strong winds. It is also known for kite-surfing. Beaches that do justice to surfing include Mikri Vigla and Paros. Other islands for surfing are. Golden Beach, Pounda, Tsoukalia, Santa Maria, and Antiparos. If you are aware of surfing then you will find these places fascinating and very interesting.


Adventures are really fun if you are into exploring different spots. For example, beaches and islands are famous in Greece. If vacations are planned for Greece then sailing becomes a must. Since islands in Greece are very close to each other, it is always great to cover the distance. The Aegean Sea is seen by renting a boat. Festivals in the sea are another feature that needs to be seen. Kalymnos is the Diving Festival that has an underwater museum, the place where you can do photography and play water games. This all is for free!! Which means you don’t have to spend anything to enjoy yourself.


Bungee jumping in Greece near Zakynthos is for shipwrecking, the beach where people go for bungee jumping. This sport is famous in the world. And the pretty and most beautiful rocks are the ones which make people mesmerize. Jumping in the sea while being harnessed with ropes is indeed worth experimenting.


Canoeing requires water to be still and calm. If you want to go for it and are not sure where to go for canoeing, then Greece is the perfect land. Go to islands which are not so windy and be in an island which is with shallow water. In this regard, Saronic islands are the epitome of pleasure and ultimate delight. Ionian islands bring same superlative feel in the sea. Other places where you can so canoeing include Greece and its lakes.

In order to enjoy everything, you have to plan things beforehand or hire TRAVELOguides for flawless vacations.


As we know that hiking is done on mountainous areas and Greece, as a matter of fact, is very much so, there are crazy and huge mountains where hiking could be done. In Greece, Mount Olympus is the biggest as in highest mountain. Its location is between Macedonia and Thessaly. Their beauty is unbeatable and is distinctive in entire Europe. People come to visit these places around the year because they have the best excursions.


In short, here is a list of ten spots which must be visited when in Greece. These all are the must to visit places as they hold historical influence as well as entity of the country itself.

  1. Acropolis Museum in Athens
  2. Mykonos
  3. Met
  4. Santorini
  5. Rhodes Island
  6. Samaria Gorge
  7. Corfu Town
  8. Delphi
  9. Meteora Monasteries
  10. Nafplio


Greece is a southeastern country of Europe which has hundreds of islands and mountainous areas. These places are full of small islands between Ionian Seas and Aegean Seas. Since Greece had been influential place of historical times, it is also known as the “cradle (of) western evolution”. Athens is the capital city of Greece which restores oldest buildings that were once build in fifth century Before Christ. Among that, Acropolis citadel is the prime location that is much visited. Lastly, Greece is known for beaches, sand that is black in color, and resorts build here and there for tourists.

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