Travelling to Greece with Kids

SOUTH FLORIDA – The time of year has come to start looking into your next family vacation. You’ve been to the Spanish islands, relaxed along the Turkish coastline and spent some time in Italy. After holidaying in several destinations around Europe, it can be tricky to decide where to go to next.

If this sounds like you, have you considered Greece?

You can find everything from city breaks in Athens to the ultra luxury greek island vacations. Keep reading and discover how to have an excellent family trip to Greece.

Why Visit Greece?

Greece combines ancient history and ruins with idyllic stretches of coastline. The white-washed houses rise up the hills creating photogenic images against the endless clear blue sky.

Visitors can travel to several destinations on the mainland and out in both the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea. And you can find relics from the Cradle of Civilisation in almost every corner of the country. Getting in and out of Greece is fast and convenient with almost hourly flights connecting to cities around Europe. If you want sunshine, sea and sand interspersed with a rich historical and cultural heritage, Greece is for you. And the kids will find lots of things to do from swimming in the pool to building sandcastles to exploring two-thousand-year-old ruins. It also has some of the best places for kayaking and if you plan to go for Kayaking you must check out Smart Start Kayaking.

The Best Time to Visit Greece

Greece lies in southern Europe and gets blessed with cloudless skies on some 300 days every year. So sunshine won’t be too much of an issue.

Most tourists visit during spring and autumn when their daytime temperatures aren’t as oppressively hot. If you do visit during these seasons, expect the mercury to hit the high 20s every single day for the perfect t-shirt and shorts weather.

But come in the midst of summer, and you might encounter temperatures closer to the mid-30s, which some tourists inevitably find too hot. Winter temperatures are mild, but not cold, and thousands of tourists head down to Greece for their Christmas vacation.

However, you should be aware that different parts of the country have their own micro-climates and it always pays to double check weather conditions beforehand.

Where to Take a Family Holiday in Greece

Most families will fly to one of Greece’s hundreds of islands and spend their time inside the resort or their vacation rental. Popular islands include Rhodes, Corfu and Zakynthos. If you have teenagers, you might want to consider visiting either Lefkada or Milos. Both have a thriving watersport scene and the kids will have the chance to go jet skiing, kayaking and take part in any number of other fun activities.

Others might have their vacation in Athens to learn about the ancient civilisation, see the Acropolis and take the time to explore the ruins. Deciding where to go all depends on your interests and the age of your kids.

Places to Have a Stress-Free Holiday in Greece

If you want familiarity, consider visiting Rhodes. The island rates among the most visited islands in Greece, especially with British holidaymakers. Expect classy resorts, villas and hotels in all parts of the island. Step out of the towns and find beaches, ancient towns and open-air theatres. You can also visit Butterfly Valley, Rhodes Aquarium and take day trips to some of the island’s older towns. It doesn’t matter if you want to spend your time on the beach or soaking up the history, you’ll find almost every type of experience in Rhodes. This is what makes it such a popular holiday destination.

Corfu sits in the Ionian Sea to the northwest of Mainland Greece and gets millions of tourists each year. Holidaymakers have been travelling to this island in Greece for decades. Combine a thriving tourist infrastructure with beaches and ruins and it’s easy to see why so many families visit. Spend your time on the beaches like those in Glyfada or head into the interior to find lush green landscapes extending towards the horizon. Many of the hotels and resorts in Corfu offer daily kids clubs and child-friendly activities which allow the parents to enjoy their break too. This makes the perfect island for those who don’t want to spend too much time planning.

A Luxury Holiday with the Family

If your kids are older and well-behaved, Alonissos in the North Sporades is the perfect place for luxury retreat. The Aegean Sea island has crystal clear water, white beaches and dozens of resorts and vacation rentals. Move away from the tourist centres and find fields of wildflowers, cliffs with stunning views and a laid-back rural way of life. As a bonus, the island hosts numerous festivals and exhibitions throughout the year. Some display modern Greek art while others are religious events. Apart from providing serenity and luxury, Alonissos offers an island getaway with a cultural twist.

For a more conventional getaway with an air of class, check out Santorini. Despite not featuring among the top child-friendly destinations in Greece, it is highly recommended. Santorini is a volcanic island in the heart of the Cyclades which bursts with postcard-perfect landscapes. Hike in the hills and take the perfect photograph from viewpoints or head down to the beaches and rent a catamaran for the day. Other activities include snorkelling, riding the Santorini Cable Car and visiting the hill town of Thera. You can have a memorable family holiday in Santorini, but it does need more planning than some of the other more popular spots.

Greece with Kids

Greece makes the perfect place to take a family holiday. Combining beaches with history and tourist-centric centres and ancient history, there’s always something to do. So why not head to Greece this year and see the beautiful country for yourself?