Greece lakes are both gorgeous beauty-spots and precious ecosystems.

The largest lake in Greece is the enchanting “sea” of Trichonis in the mountains outside Agrinio, followed by lakes:

Volvi near Thessaloniki
Vegoritis near Florina
Kerkini near Serres
Kastoria in the town of Kastoria
Pamvotis in Ioannina

Of course, we must not forget Lake Vouliagmeni near Athens with its sulphur springs, and Mesolongi Lagoon with its “pilades” (fishing huts set on piles in the shallow waters), a particularly beautiful scene forming one of the most important wetlands in the Mediterranean.

More Greece lakes

Lake Voulkania in Vonitsa in west Greece, beneath whose surface lies a sunken town

the enchanting artificial Lake Plastira in Thessaly, surrounded by lovely villages and dense pine forests

the Prespa Lakes, the watery frontier of Greece, one of the richest habitats in Europe

the most impressive alpine lake in Greece, Drakolimni on Mountain Tymphe, at an altitude of 2,050 metres.