The mountains of Greece are a continuation of the mountain range of the Balkans, with in turn are a continuation of the Alpine range. The two greatest ranges in Greece are the Pindos and the Rodopi. The Pindos range divides Greece vertically from east to west whereas the Rodopi range starts at the borders of Bulgaria and extends to the N.E part of Greece, The mountains of Pindos were the site of many battles during the Second Word War (1940-41) as well as during the Greek Civil War 1947-1949. The highest mountain of Greece is Mount Olympus with its highest pick Throne of Zeus 2,919 meters on the slope of Myticas belongs to the highest European mountains. Other big mountains are Mount Grammos and Mount Vermion in Northern Greece and in the northwest is Mount Smolikas , Mount Tomaros and Tymphi which surrounds the beautiful city of Ioannina in Epirus. South of Olympus in the eastern part of the Greek mainland is one of the most beautiful mountains of Greece, Mount Pellion, with enchanting villages and amazing beaches facing the Aegean to the east. Mount Pelion is, after Olympus, the most famous mountain in Greek antiquity and mythology.

According to the myth Pelion was the mountain of the Centaurs and it was here that Hercules and Jason with his Argonauts where trained by the centaur Chiron as well as Achilles and the God of Medicine Asklepios but also many other Greek Mythological events are related with Pelion like the marriage of Thetis and Peleus the parents of Achilles . Today Pelion is one of the most famous holiday resorts in Greece. It has many beautiful villages, like Portaria, Zagora , Tsagarada ,Makrinitsa and other villages with green forests of pine, oak and chestnut; gorgeous beaches lapped by the deep blue Aegean Sea. On the western slopes is the town and port of Volos. In the region of Thessaly or Thessalia are the wonderful Agrafa mountains, here is located the man made lake Plastira, one of the most wonderful lakes in Greece near to the city of Karditsa.

In the region of Sterea Hellas is the mountain of Parnassus, famous for its ski resorts Kellaria at 1950 meters and Gerontovrachos at 2250 meters. On Parnassos mount is the famous village of Arachova , a popular destination for skiers. You can travel here by road (car or bus), driving through the countryside of Viotia where you can see the dried lake of Kopais that today is a fertile valley and continuing through to the historic city of Thebes and, a little further to the south, is Mount Parnitha which, being within easy reach from Athens, is the main ski resort of the Athenians. In Attica exept of Parnitha are the mountains of Penteli, Hymmetus and Aegaleo are creating the Attica basin that surrounds the capital of Greece, Athens.

In the Peloponnesus are located the Aroania Mountains or Helmos, with beautiful villages and ideal for winter day trips Here according the mythology was the falls of Stynx and the entrance to to Hades .At the waters of Stynx, Achilles was baptised and became immortal. . Further to the east are the mountains of Kylini. Towering over Patras is the highest mountain of Achaia, the Panachaikon Mountain. .Southern in Lakonia towering over the historic city of Sparta. is the outstanding Mount of Taygetos with snow capping its highest peaks even in summer. East of Taygetos is the Mount Parnon.

In the Halkidiki peninsula is the famous Mount Athos, or Agion Oros, with its famous monasteries.

On the island of Evia are the mountains of Dirfis and Ohi. On Samos is the mountain Kerkis and in Samothraki the mountain of Saos.On the island of Rhodes the highest mountain is Attaviros.

Crete has some splendidly huge mountains as well. Here are the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) that take their names from the snow that can be seen all year round on their highest peaks. The Mount Idi, or Psiloritis, and the mountain of Dikti. where according to mythology in the cave of Dikty (Dikteon Andron) Zeus the father of the Gods was born and was suckled by Amalthea the goat.