10 tips for traveling in Greece

Greece country of light! One of the most beautiful locations in the world and a worthy stop for every traveler! Greece has been irreparably damaged economically and also due to immigration flows. Still, it’s still an amazing place to visit and I’m about to explain 10 reasons why you should! {Book now here}

1. You can find cheap prices if you search a bit . The Greeks – for the most part – are not traditional people. So, it’s almost certain that with a little searching you’ll find fairly cheap prices at each destination. This way you will enjoy great places but without spending a lot of money. {Book now here}

2. You can be yourself. You can be social, free and not at all reserved. In Greece, everything is more relaxed, especially during the holidays. Chat with strangers, greet passers-by, go crazy! Nobody will tell you anything! The Greeks are crazy themselves!

3. As in any place – so also in Greece – you should avoid the peak season. You won’t be able to enjoy any place since it will be flooded with tourists. And trust me you don’t want that. Greece is a small country, it is better to travel to it when there will not be an increased flow of tourists. {Book now here}

4. Wherever you come from, make sure you pass through Athens and Thessaloniki. The largest cities of the country and those that enchant you with their history and gastronomy. Don’t stay long in Athens, go only for the sights. Her chatter might tire you. In Thessaloniki, eat without tomorrow, they make everything perfectly!

5. Choose a variety of destinations, not just islands or just mountains. This country is much more complicated than you think. It hides amazing marine treasures and excellent walking trails to explore. Search and ask and don’t choose a one-sided vacation! {Book now here}

6. Enjoy Greek gastronomy to the fullest. Try all the local delicacies of each region. Don’t skip anything. Each place has something special to offer you. Visit taverns where the locals go and try their best dishes!

7. Go from one island to another. It goes without saying that each island has its own beauty, but there are so many islands in Greece that it is impossible to see them all because you need a lot of time. Go from one island to another, so that you get to know as many seas as possible and taste as many delicacies as possible! {Book now here}

8. You will have a “relaxed” time in Greece. The privilege of relaxation may be more in Thessaloniki and Ikaria, but in all of Greece – except Athens – you will experience a special calmness and enjoy exceptional moments.

9. Don’t try to see everything in one trip. Greece is “huge” – no matter how small it seems – and since you are not going to see everything, make sure to include in the program only what is really worth it.

10. Feel the Greek hospitality. Greece is the country that created hospitality as a term and of course the one that provides it best. Feel the hospitality of the country in all its lengths and widths and enjoy its beauties. {Book now here}