Naxos One of the World top destinations to go in July is Greece

Temperature: 27°C high; 23°C low
Season: summer
Travel time from UK: 5 hours 40 minutes
Time difference: GMT+2

Picking the most beautiful Greek island is like picking the most big-headed Gallagher brother: virtually impossible. But if we were forced, Naxos in July just might be the answer. {Booking now here}

The largest of the Cyclades, its sandy beaches run the gamut from family-friendly frolickers in the west (Agios Prokopios), to the south’s hidden wildlings, where you can ride horses over dramatic dunes (Plaka) or brave powerful winds on a kiteboard (Mikri Vigla). And though not exactly a hidden gem, the pace remains pleasantly drowsy, whether kicking back in beach bars or supping at mountain village tavernas. At the latter, you’ll be drowsier still after generous sloshes of homemade wine and local citron liqueur.  {Booking now here}

Sustainable travel tip: Catch a ferry from Athens to Naxos and arrive on the island in a little over four hours. An overnight train will then take you to Thessaloniki, from where you can enjoy a very scenic journey on an InterCity train to Athens (four hours).