Vogue Australia glorifies the Greek islands

Vogue Australia gives a “vote of confidence” in Greece in its new extensive feature that proposes the best Greek islands for 2023.

“There is no region in the world more blessed by the gods than Greece,” reports the popular fashion magazine.

“There is no region in the world that is more blessed by the gods than Greece“, reports the popular fashion magazine, while concluding that “international destinations of other countries such as Amalfi cannot even be compared to the breathtaking beaches and range of experiences offered by the Greek destinations“.

According to Vogue Australia’s catalog, Sifnos holds the top spot as the typical example of harmonious Cycladic architecture. Kastellorizo, Syros, Chios, Patmos, Milos, Folegandros, Amorgos, Paros and Astypalaia complete the top ten. In the next places are Tinos, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Paxos, Corfu, Ithaca, Mykonos, Thassos and Lefkada. Vogue’s list of recommended islands is completed with Hydra, Naxos, Crete, Santorini, Serifos, Symi, Polyaigo, Rhodes and Skopelos.

Regarding the dynamics of the Australian market, it is noted that according to the Long Distance Market Barometer published by the European Travel Commission, Greece is for the near future included in the top ten holiday options for international tourism from the USA, Canada, Australia and Brazil , four distant markets that display high per capita tourist expenditure and long average length of stay. Especially in the preferences of Australians, Greece is the sixth most popular destination.

Representatives of destinations in the Vogue catalog state to APE – MEB:

Patmos radiates a special energy that inspires artists, writers and travelers. We highlight all those components of the uniqueness of Apocalypse Island, such as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the enchanting nature. At the same time, however, we are upgrading our tourist product, for example through the care and provision for lifeguard coverage on our busy beaches, infrastructure projects and the road network”, explains the Mayor of Patmos Lefteris Pentas.

Skopelos has developed into a pole of attraction for long-distance international travelers as well. The original Mamma Mia musical tours and the introduction to the traditional products and gastronomy of the island delight our visitors from abroad. Scandinavians, Dutch, British and tourists from other markets have already started visiting Skopelos since May”, said the President of the Tourism Committee of the Municipality of Skopelos, Gianna Efstathiou.

“In recent years we have been expanding our call to new – emerging markets which are developing into major suppliers of international tourism. It is no coincidence that large media from Brazil and Australia show their interest in the Aegean butterfly, through the initiatives we take. After all, the actions we implement and plan and which aim to make Astypalaia a sustainable island in the coming years, help in this direction”, said the Mayor of Astypalaia Nikos Komineas.

“The occupancy of Naxos accommodation during the past three days is estimated to have reached 80%. Despite the high transport and energy costs of the time, the services provided by the island’s tourism businesses are of high quality and at the same time competitive. At the same time, our narrative is expanding, addressing travelers from Europe, America, Australia and other markets”, pointed out the Deputy Mayor of Tourism of Naxos and Small Cyclades Vangelis Katsaras.

Sifnos attracts travelers from all over the world. Australia is a market that is attracted by the unique characteristics of the island that we promote internationally such as gastronomy, rich tradition, natural beauty, pottery and our cultural events of which the revival of the ancient towers and the Cycladic gastronomy festival Nikolaos stand out Tselemendes”, emphasized the Mayor of Sifnos, Maria Nadali